Onderzoek van het Public Health Institute

Attended to the presented apply by D. JosÚ Luis Arranz Gil, from FALBALAMENDI S.L., located in Baracaldo(Vizcaya) in order to realize the verification about the interference of the entitled "Catandog┤s Plate" in Reading of identification microchips used in domestic animals, I inform you the following:

The proof was carried out with FECAVA transponder, Full Duplex A system (FDXA) and with ISO transponder, Full Duplex B system (FDXB), effecting the reading of them with a polivalent ISO reader, pocket-reader EX model, officially approved rule ISO 11.785(reading FDXB + HDX + FECAVA), in temperature and humidity environmental conditions, placing between the transponder and the reader firstly, one of the mentioned plates, then two and so on operating with twenty plates at the same time, proving that in any of these cases neither interfere nor avoid the right reading of identification transponders( microchips) of domestic animals.

The present report, asked for CETENSA by D. JosÚ Luis Arranz Gil from FALBALAMENDI Company, describes the reading tests carried out and the obtained results about an identification of animals chip in the presence of Catandog┤s antiparasitic plate.

For the tests achievement a POCKET-READER EX reader has been used with a standard model number 026439 and two chips. These equipments have been transfered by Public Health Veterinary surgeon BEATRIZ ANDERIZ MORLANES from FOOD HEALTH DEPARTMENT of PUBLIC HEALTH INSTITUTE of NAVARRA GOVERNMENT. The reader using has been carried out with the specifications joined on the handbook.

Description of the realized tests

The reading tests have been carried out in different conditions, realizing each of them ten times.

Realized tests

  1. Direct reading over chip for verifying the right reader working.
  2. Chip reading placing the plate in front of this one.
  3. Chip reading placing the plate behind this one.
  4. Chip reading placing the plate laterally over this one.
  5. Chip reading placing the plate in front of this one and inserting a piece of leather between the plate and the chip.
  6. Chip reading inserted on a dog placing the plate in front of this one.

Obtained results

No. Readings Correct Incorrect
110 10 0
2 10 10 0
3 10 10 0
4 10 10 0
5 10 10 0
6 10 10 0

After the tests realization It is watched that no mistake has taken place in any of the carried out tests.